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I'm Ashley, 17

"all adventurous women do"

Modern poetry

If you do not know what this picture is; let me inform you. In the late 50’s when abortion was completely illegal, women would resort to using household items to have a self-given abortion. These items included  bleach, wire hangers, and cleaning products.  So, would you rather save unborn cells, like the ones that come off your feet or body, millions at a time, or save a woman who might end up curing a life-threatening disease?  Do we really wanna step 60 years back?

Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 (details)

I have 2 assignments due so I should definitely use this time to finish an abandoned oil painting i started when I was sixteen


fred astaire || san cisco (+)

and god knows that it’s a common misconception
that i’m the only one for you
and i can take you out for breakfast
but he could take you ‘round the world

(via anafterlifewithyou)